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Generation Z Investment Club (the “Z Club®”) is an intercollegiate student-run investment community operated by the Endowment that
seeks to enable the next generation of leading investors by equipping members with the right mindset and knowledge for a life-long investor journey.


"Enabling the next generation of responsible investors."

The Z Club comprises of university students hailing from Singapore, China and around the world. Our eclectic mix of students bring life experiences and perspectives that are unparalleled. Join us as we not only learn and dive into the bold world of value investing and ESG, but also get the opportunity to invest real cash to boost your way up the learning curve.

Z Club - the club like no other.

General Statistics


Next Gen Value Investing Program


Next Gen ESG Investing Program


Our Activities



" I think the program was very well-designed and left enough time to internalise the newly taught materials. Personally, the IYL manga-reading sessions were the highlight of the program as I loved listening to and discussing different ideas with my team and instructors "

Joseph CHONG

ESG Investing Program, Batch of 2023

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