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Z Club is highly selective and seeks candidates that exhibit unique skill sets, leadership capabilities, intellectual curiosity, and a passion for investing.

Key benefits include:

  • Successful applicants will be sponsored with real money to invest through a long-term lens.

  • Edu-tainment at its best! The Gen Z Value Investing Program ("VIP") and ESG Investing Program ("EIP") incorporates investing webtoons that help to teach valuable investing knowledge, promote healthy discussion as well as inspire thoughtful self-reflection.

  • Access to valuable alumni and professional network.

  • Improved competitive career advantage and employability.


Each Program (VIP/EIP) only takes in 10 to 15 students every year with a S$20 application fee.

*Recruitment is currently open for the EIP. Stay tuned for recruitment for VIP in June 2023!

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The EIP is designed to support preparation for the CFA Institute Certificate in ESG Investing and will cover various asset classes (public equity, private equity, and fixed income). The Certificate in ESG Investing is a level 4 qualification which delivers the benchmark knowledge and skills required by investment professionals to integrate ESG factors (environmental, social and governance) into the investment process.

Key benefits of the Program include:

•      Practitioner-taught classes on ESG investing, from analysis, valuation to integration through real case studies;

•      The Program incorporates webtoons and the Sustainability Gameshow (developed by CFA Institute and BNP Paribas);

•      Successful applicants will be sponsored with real money to invest in public equity through an ESG lens;

•      Improved competitive career advantage and employability.

Limited slots available! Sign up today by clicking here.


Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions!

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